If the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the property market in the lead up to the election have taught us anything, they have shown the world how sensitive and volatile the market has the potential to be.  At the same time, property is most people’s biggest asset or at least one of the most significant in terms of what it gives us; a home for our family and historically, financial performance like almost nothing else. In every other part of our financial lives people accept that they need help and advice but until recently most buyers have tended to go it alone, as soon as the decision to move has been made.

But the London property market is a fickle beast and has within it so many variable elements which can affect it, that it is becoming increasingly common for buyers to seek representation to some degree when they move. For good reason. Historically buying agents have always been more easily adopted by those unfamiliar with London either for geographical reasons or in process and have hence been seen as a service for foreign nations relocating to the UK or investing within it. But times are changing, property search is no longer just a service seen as being an unnecessary cost to the process, it is being seen a cost effective and essential one. Estate Agency has always served the seller in this country and the buyers were happy with that, but as the market has changed in recent years,  estate agency has changed with it. The market and has always been transactional but it is more fast paced and cut throat than ever before and in times like these, buyers are reaching out for private client services which will protect their interests, their assets and their sanity.

More and more search firms like us at Hillary Sayer are providing a range of services to suit each client, we don’t just offer the standard fee for finding and buying we also offer advisory services to support people through the process. If our clients love property (which most do) and they want the enjoyment of searching for their own home themselves then far be it for us to take that from them. But we can hold their hand through the process, we can accompany them to see something that  they have decided they want to buy and we can perform our due diligence and offer opinions on value and negotiating if we are needed. If the negotiating is not a part of the process that our clients enjoy them we can do that for them too. We tailor our services to suit our clients’ needs, we are not an all or nothing service because we are not selling agents. When we buy we can be as big or small a part of the process ad our clients want us to be and we tailor our fees to match. So if you need a bit of help up the ladder without needing every rung covered, then tap the bell and find out what we can do to help.